8 Factors that Dramatically Impact Your Email Effectiveness

Sep 29 2015

Permission We send a weekly newsletter about our new feature releases and product improvements called the Product Insider. This is sent to current partners who want this information, and have come to anticipate its delivery every Monday afternoon. Because they’ve opted in and see this as relevant information, we average less than two unsubscribes each… Continue reading

Vendasta Launches Wholesale Marketplace Within its 10X Platform, Providing Access to 330,000 Local Businesses

Sep 28 2015

As published on PRWeb this morning.  SASKATOON, SK (Sept 28, 2015) – Vendasta Technologies announces today the release of their Wholesale Marketplace—a collection of best-in-class solutions from top-tier vendors that provides agencies and media companies with a rebrandable, one-stop solution for their local business customers. The Vendasta Wholesale Marketplace allows agencies and media companies to… Continue reading

Let us Do It With You

Sep 04 2015

Focus on selling while we take care of the rest! Take advantage of our industry leading Do It With Me™ services by offering it to all of your premium clients.  VP of Sales George Leith and Digital Agency Manager Sean Schroeder cover the 5 W’s — Who are we? What services do we offer? How can… Continue reading

Sell More of What You’re Already Selling

Aug 26 2015

Improve customer retention by featuring all of your products in one convenient dashboard. With the Product Catalog, you can showcase your entire line of products, digital and legacy, directly within the Business Center! Vice President of Sales George Leith, along with Product Owner Kass Naicker, hosted this webinar showcasing our newest development.   Check out… Continue reading

No One Trusts Marketers! But Marketing Automation is the Key to Earning That Trust

Aug 19 2015

This post was originally published on Business 2 Community.  According to an online survey of 1,000 US marketers, 76 percent of us believe that marketing has changed more in the last two years than in the past fifty. And while the profession is shape shifting, marketers are having trouble proving their value to everyone. Nearly… Continue reading

The NEW Snapshot Report

Aug 14 2015

In last week’s webinar, George Leith, our VP of Sales extraordinaire, walked through all the recent improvements we’ve made to our Snapshot report. We’ve added new messaging, an SEM section and even videos to turn the Snapshot from a good prospecting tool to the most killer prospecting machine on the market. Watch the webinar. 

From Buzzwords to Implementation: Keeping your Marketing Relevant

Aug 10 2015

This post originally appeared on the C-Suite Network.  Every marketer says that telling the story is the way to go. It’s become such a generic piece of advice that, although relevant, now seems almost as commonplace as “the medium is the message.” But here’s another marketer here to tell you it’s true. According to an… Continue reading

Save up to Two Hours per Week in Concierge

Aug 06 2015

When managing a local business’ reputation with Concierge, digital agents constantly have to log in and out of multiple platforms to manage listings and reviews. This costs time: you have to have the username and password handy, you need to remember the correct URL to log in to and you have to make sure to… Continue reading

Stop Cherry Picking Online Sources; It’s Bad for Business

Aug 03 2015

This isn’t your grandfather’s purchase funnel. The days of a linear customer buying journey—where a “single source of truth” (e.g., Yellow Pages ad or TV spot) led to a phone call and a closed sale—are gone, replaced by a nonlinear loop that lives online and is marked by mobility, user-generated content, two-way conversation and fragmentation…. Continue reading