DIY to DIFM to DIWM: What’s Best for your Clients?

May 21 2015

There are many strategies for social media, but there are three main methods of follow through: Do It Yourself (DIY), Do It For Me (DIFM), or Do It With Me (DIWM™). With so many options available, it can be hard to choose which is right for a small and medium business. There are benefits to… Continue reading

Meet Vendasta’s CEO, Brendan King

May 15 2015

Intense, boisterous, imaginative. Brendan King, co-founder and CEO of Vendasta, is the innovative force of the company. Always in discussion with the partners who provide Vendasta’s solution to over a quarter of a million local businesses, Brendan is constantly coming up with new ways to help enhance their online reputation, build brand awareness and increase revenues…. Continue reading

Proof Local Listing Management Needs to Be Ongoing

May 14 2015

One of the most common questions our channel partners receive from local businesses in regards to local listings management is around why they need to renew if they have already updated all of their data. The answer is not intuitive, but it is straightforward. Major data providers like Infogroup, Neustar/Localeze, Acxiom and Factual contract with their… Continue reading

New Vendasta Tool Simplifies Social Media Needs for Multi-Location Businesses

Apr 22 2015

Press release as appeared on Market Wired. SASKATOON, SK–(Marketwired – Apr 22, 2015) – Vendasta Technologies today released a major update to its Brand Analytics solution, a popular tool that delivers reputation data — including customer reviews and online listings information — to brands, franchises and multi-location businesses. The new functionality enables users to post… Continue reading

Business Commitments to Build Your Online Presence

Apr 13 2015

Authored by Jeff Tomlin, our CMO, this post first appeared on CommPro.Biz. It’s well into the New Year, but the calendar doesn’t have to read January 1st for you to make some worthwhile resolutions for your business. There are some commitments you need to be working at all year to ensure you build the best… Continue reading

Mobile-Friendly Means Search Friendly: Google’s New Algorithm, the Gap and the Opportunity

Apr 10 2015

Do you often find yourself cursing your fat fingers while trying to tap a tiny button on your phone screen? More likely than cursing your fingers, though, you’ve probably found yourself annoyed at companies for not optimizing their website. Google’s heard your piercing cries for help and is elevating the importance of having a mobile-friendly… Continue reading

4 Tips for Creating the Best Twitter Lead Searches

Apr 02 2015

Twitter is used for millions of different reasons. Maybe you’re a crazy cat lady (like my boss) and love sharing photos of cute, fuzzy kittens. Maybe you’re addicted to new technology and need to be first to hear news about big changes in the mobile industry (like me). Or maybe you just use Twitter to… Continue reading

Tracking Your Sales Progress With Campaign Stats

Apr 01 2015

We’re making it easier for your salespeople to track the sales status of their accounts! We sent this Product Insider video out to our partners this week to illustrate what’s new and why it’s exciting. Check it out: With these changes, your salespeople will be able to track their accounts easier and with more accuracy…. Continue reading

Get the Most Out of Social Marketing

Mar 26 2015

Social Marketing is a full time job for one business, let alone when you have multiple clients. Whether you are using the Social Marketing product on behalf of your clients, or your clients are using it on their own, we want to be able to help you out with a few pointers. Overview Page The… Continue reading