Has Your Business Moved? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Oct 16 2014

Moving your business is hard enough to begin with. Packing up inventory, doing leasehold improvements and spreading the word about your move can easily push your endurance to the brink. In the shuffle, many small business owners make a handful of mistakes that can severely hamper their business’ online visibility. In fact, most don’t even… Continue reading

Vendasta Releases MAST 10X: New Marketing Automation and Sales Transformation Platform for Digital Agencies

Oct 01 2014

SASKATOON, SK, Oct 1, 2014 – Vendasta Technologies, a leading provider of online reputation and presence management tools, today announces the release of a new Marketing Automation and Sales Transformation platform, MAST 10X. The platform is geared toward helping digital agencies sell their solutions to local business with automated marketing campaigns that target, identify and provide… Continue reading

Using Google Cloud Platform Frees Up Time for Product Development

Sep 18 2014

Since we opened our doors, VendAsta has built its solutions on Google App Engine. What it’s given us over the years has been the ability to focus on the end user solutions without having to worry about the serving hardware infrastructure. It’s allowed us to provide a redundant, reliable and infinitely scaleable solutions that our… Continue reading

Counting is Hard and the (Pre Alpha) Solution

Jun 19 2014

Jason Collins, our CTO, has been burdened with a problem: counting. And not just the kind Big Bird is constantly chirping about. Developers are often tasked with coding pages containing many data points, which can be a lot of information to get to a user quickly. Jason wants to find a way to get accurate… Continue reading

Size Matters: The Ideal Length of Tweets, Facebook Posts and Google+ Headlines

Apr 16 2014

Whether you’re speaking, writing or tweeting, size does matter. Small and medium businesses, SMBs, often facilitate several social media pages. This can be a great way to stay at the forefront of peoples’ minds, and have people learn about the company. The downside, however, is that it’s easy to be ignored in all the clutter…. Continue reading

The Tool That Will Increase Your Digital Sales Conversion and Probably Make You Rich

Apr 14 2014

Our software is amazing — everyone that uses it is impressed by the results. Businesses see improved SEO, consistent listings across the web and better brand awareness, with the added ability of scheduling social posts from one location, viewing specific regions or branches, and a diverse plethora of other capabilities. But, we noticed our salespeople… Continue reading

Ideas On Tap: March 28th 2014

Apr 11 2014

What do these three products have in common: an escalator, a zipper and heroine? Our last Ideas on Tap was another raving success, and this time we co-hosted with Saskatchewan Professional Marketing Association. We began the afternoon talks with Craig Zawada from WMCZ with his presentation, “The 10 Minute Guide to a Teeny-Tiny Part of… Continue reading

Yelp Appeals to the Supreme Court to Keep Reviewer Identities Private

Apr 10 2014

“They say they have a right to put this information out there. But where’s my right to defend my business?” Joe Hadeed Businesses need online reviews to be trusted by consumers, improve their SEO and garner important feedback and criticism. What if, though, those reviews prove to be baseless allegations and slander? Joe Hadeed claims… Continue reading